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heating repair
These engineers will help you to take care of your various heating installations at home or in your company.

Services include:
- gas &oil boilers repair;
- annual maintenance;
- new radiators, radiant floors...

The team of heating specialists works with several major brands such as Buderus, Vaillant and Viessmann. Contact them for a quick response.


logo of heating company our planet
More than a simple heating engineer, this expert in several systems makes a priority of offering ecological solutions to his customers.

- condensation heaters;
- radiant floors;
- maintenance;
- repairs.

In order to provide a high-quality service, you can also ask for a heat-loss calculation and entrust the insulation or ventilation of your home to this professional.


viessmann boiler maintenance
This English plumber used to run a company in the UK. Now sttled in Brussels, he provides his services to his Belgian customers : gas central heating, boiler maintenance and other related trades.


leak heating maintenance
Do you need a new boiler or radiator? Is it time for the annual maintenance? Whatever is the service you are looking for, Anglo Solutions is answering your call. The company sends you its best heating engineers.

Tel: 0472 / 05 11 69.


logo wajitec company
Are you looking for a certified expert ? Wajitec is a company of experienced plumbers and heating specialists. If you have troubles with your installation or need a repair, do not hesitate to call them.


heating technician
Get the help of an experienced team of heating specialists. They provide their services in the Brussels area to install boilers or furnace as well as radiator replacement, maintenance of your devices and emergencies.

More information about heating services in Brussels

If you are looking for a company providing high-quality services, you will find a list of several experts in the list above. The vast majority of those experts are able to repair and install your heating systems in Brussels. Whether you have a technology that use fossil energy or renewable resources, do not hesitate to call one of those heating engineers. For the maintenance as well as the periodic check-ups, they will submit a clear and comprehensive quote and provide you a quick service.

Do not forget the maintenance of your boiler

In Belgium, there are a few rules to follow in order to make sure your entire heating system comply with the legal standards. These often have ecological and safety goals. The frequency of the controls depends on the type of energy you use: fuel and wood require a visit per year while gas should be inspected once every two years. This difference is due to the fact that the combustion of solids and liquids create more waste, which may result in a fire if the burner is never cleaned. All the heating engineers who intervene must be certified by Cerga. This is a government-registration that prove the competences of your specialist and that the maintenance will be legally approved by the authorities.

A few tips to control your heating system

Depending on your habits, your use of heating and hot water may represent half of your energy spendings. If you want to reduce the bill, there are a few things you can do:

  • Use a room thermostat: it will help you have a better control on the temperature in every room of your house or appartment. For example, your bedroom has enough with only 18°C while a living room may need up to 21°C. The thermostat will also stop the heating system once the temperature is okay, therefore using less gas or fuel.
  • Turn off the radiator during the night: either you don't use the room that will be heated, either your bedsheets are enough to keep you warm.
  • Use a programmer or a smart system: you can decide what time the heating will turn on and off, for example, just a few minutes before you come home after your working day.