Several cleaning companies available in Brussels


Benefit from the high-quality service of an experienced cleaning team which has been working in the various municipalities of Brussels for 15 years.

Tout Clean Services meets all of your requirements in terms of cleanliness and hygiene: retail businesses, office, private and common areas, but also after removal and window cleaning...

- flexible schedule and customised service
- qualified staff
- free quote

For your safety, all our members are using hand sanitiser gel and are wearing face masks.

Tel: 02 / 736 49 94


With 15 years of experience, Cleanings Partner offers a professional service in every municipality of Brussels.

The company provides a complete cleaning of apartments and houses before and after a removal or home renovations.

Do you have business premises? The cleaners guarantee a perfect cleanliness for your windows, your office, your parking lots, but also the common areas of your condominium.

Benefit from a high-quality service delivered by a flexible and efficient workforce. Do not hesitate to ask for a free quotation.

Tel: 0479 / 16 34 06

NO DUST - Uccle

NO DUST - Uccle
Since 2006, this agency has grown to employ 250 housekeepers who provide daily services to families located in the Brussels area. Cleaning needs, window cleaning, laundry, ironing, meal preparation...
Tel : 02 / 346 96 46

ONE-NET - Anderlecht

logo de one-net
Benefit from an healthy environment thanks to the services provided by One-Net. These domestic helps take every task in charge such as the ironing, the cleaning of your windows. If needed, they even do the house shopping.

Do you own a cleaning services company in Brussels ?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

What are the usual services of a professional cleaning company?

If you are used to get the visit of a domestic help once or twice a week for your home, you know that the services provided are limited. For every task that require more material or expertise, you will have to get the help of a professional cleaning company. These ones are at the disposal of professional customers as well as individuals to take care of all of your spaces.

  • Office building: cleaning workers will empty the bins, wash windows and floors (whether it is vinyl, carpet or tiles), remove the dust from your desk and even sanitize your computer equipment if required. The company can send its employees outside of office hours for a maximum of convenience.
  • After works: some construction firms do not offer the cleaning after the works are finished. If you want to have access to your own spaces quickly, a cleaning company will get rid of the dust and all kinds of residues.
  • After damage: fire or flood, it is never good news. Fortunately, cleaning experts can help you sanitize the spaces after any damage. It is important to remove any particles that may endanger you and drain any trace of water in your walls and floors.
  • Common areas: if you live in an apartment building, it is normal to use the help of a professional to clean all the common areas such as stairs, entrances, lifts and so on.
  • Parking lots: this service requires special products and equipment to clean efficiently oils and tire marks.

Do not hesitate to be precise so that every company can write an exhaustive quote including every specification according to your spaces and materials that need extreme caution.

Information published on the webpage Brussels Expats / Cleaning Services.

Additional information about home cleaning services companies

We all know it: life is a matter of choices. We don't have the time to do everything we would like to do, even concerning our hobbies and we have to choose between several activities. In order to have a balanced life and make the most out of our quality time, the services of a cleaning company are very helpful. This way, you will have more time to spend with your partner, your friends, your children or to the fitness club or even watching your favourite TV shows. Do not hesitate to call a cleaning agency to have the laundry, the dishes, etc. done.

If you think you don't have enough money to get the help of a domestic service, do not worry! Belgium has created a system that is useful for the customers as well as for the workers. Some jobs are considered more precarious than others and home cleaning is among them. In order to make sure your domestic help gets the right salary, the State has decided to regultate the whole profession with a minimum wage. In return, the clients of this system get a refund via their income tax return at the end of the year.

You’ve had a busy at work and you are now realising that you have to make a birthday cake for a party at your children’s school the day after, but you know you don’t have the needed ingredients at home. In this case, if your domestic help is on duty this day, you can ask him or her to do little errands as long as it does not exceed the usual time of the service. The small trip to the grocery store has to be reported to the company so that your cleaning staff can get a travel allowance.

More domestic services in Brussels

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