Parks and Gardens in Brussels

MELLAERTS PONDS - Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

pedalo on mellaerts ponds
With more than 8 ha of green spaces, the Mellaerts Ponds are a real breath of fresh air in the capital. Open to the public since the 20th century, this park is the ideal place for a walk or even for a small tour on the water with canoes available.

- great place to explore the local fauna and flora: many bird species and a fishing pond
- great rastaurant
- mini-golf

Location: Boulevard du Souverain, 275bis


lttle wood bridge in tervuren park
Pedestrians as well as bikers are welcomed in this vast green place. The Tervuren Parc has a long Royal history and is therefore part of the Belgium cultural heritage. If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to book a tour with a guide.

Other activities in the surroundings:
- Royal Museum for Central Africa
- picnic near the little lake
- playground
- monuments, such as churches and chapels

Location: Leuvensesteenweg 13

MINI EUROPE - Brussels

MINI EUROPE - Brussels
This park is situated next the Atomium. You and all your family can have a travel around Europe : Big Ben, Venice, Paris, Vesuvius...
More than 300 models to see.
Tel: 02 / 478 05 50



The Garden of the Mont des Arts has a panoramic view on the Grand-Place and the historic center of Brussels. Discover a fountain with 9 jets, a statue of King Albert I, a small playground for children…


You want to have a snack, lunch or dinner ? Have a drink at a nice terrace ? Your children are always interested in discovering a new playground ? In that case, you should go to The Village!
Tel : 02 / 474 83 83

BRUSSELS PARK - 1000 Brussels

BRUSSELS PARK - 1000 Brussels

The Brussels Park is situated in the heart of Brussels and around Royal Palace.To see: statues, fountains, outdoor shows, bandstand…

Tel: 02 279 61 00

Have a walk in the parks of Brussels!

When we think about cities, we often think of great buildings, museums and architectural sites. As a medieval city and home to many artists, Brussels offers a lot of touristic attractions. Nevertheless, the capital of Europe and its multicultural population has much more to offer. It is one of the greenest cities of Europe with 8,000 hectares of green places, nearly half of the Brussels area territory, even though the vast majority of those locates on the outskirts.