Move to Brussels with these removal companies !


Whether you’re a company or an individual who is looking to move to Brussels or abroad, Moortgat Removals is at your service.
- family business
- experience and know-how
- meticulous work guaranteed
As an approved member of the Belgian Chamber of Removers, this company provides insurance and peace of mind to its clients during their removals.

For your safety all our employees use disinfectant gel and masks.

Tel : 02 / 673 10 06

SERGE BALZA - your removal firm in Brussels

Serge Balza helps you move to Brussels or any destination (national or international) and offers you a full range of services.

- 30 years experience
- quality service: packing, lift, transport, storage...
- attractive prices
- detailed and customized quotation

Tel : 02 / 377 74 01 and 0475 / 83 86 05

MISTER MOVE - 10 years of experience at your service

Get the help of a serious and dynamic team! This company offers a partial or full-range removal service.

With their 10 years experience, these professional removers guarantee the high-quality of their services, for individuals as well as professional customers : transport, lift-truck, dismantling of furniture...

- high-end equipment
- customised solutions
- national and international removal

Tel: 0472 / 82 82 82

AUTEGARDEN - removal firm in Brussels

As a member of Official Movers and Fedemac, Autegarden makes you benefit from its experience in Brussels.

Discover their services:
- packing & unpacking your goods
- national and international moving
- storage of your furniture

Contact them to plan the day of your removal and get a customized service at competitive prices.

For your safety all our employees use disinfectant gel and masks.

Tel : 02 / 216 08 88

PATAR - Brussels

With more than 50 years of experience, this removal company in Brussels offers you personalized solutions adapted to your expectations.

- qualified team
- advanced equipment
- quality service
- member of the Official Movers and Fedemac
free quotation

For your safety all our employees use disinfectant gel and masks.

Tel : 02 / 242 51 30   

Do you run a removal company in Brussels?

As a professional in that sector, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you several customized business solutions in order to increase your renown and expand your customer base.

What do you need, and when?

Whether it was a last-minute decision or it had planned for ages, the result is the same: the move from one country to another has to be prepared with care. In order to make sure there won't be any problem during the journey, you have to think about every detail. Read the text below to discover the most important things you should not skip. First of all, if the state you want to live in (in this case, Belgium) has special agreements with your own country, ones that would allow you to stay, buy a house and work there as soon as you arrive. When the time comes, make sure you have all the paperwork (passport, special visa for the whole family and pets, driver's licence, and so on) ready on time.

When your decision is final and you are ready for your new life, you should check with your family doctor if you need any vaccine three months before your departure. This is also the time to ask your children’s old school for the document which will be required for another registration. Likewise, if you have a pet, you will also need the record of vaccination. Furthermore, you will need to respect the pet transport rules of the boat or plane company. This is also the time to decide if you will open or not a bank account in the country you settle in.

First things first! Sort out your belongings before anything else. Indeed, this step is an important one in any removal but is of crucial importance when moving into another country or another continent. No one wants to move with unnecessary belongings. The key here is to keep only what is of absolute necessity. Once this step is accomplished, you can tidy up and place them in boxes. We advise you to identify every box to make sure that you will find once you move in your new home. One month prior to the departure, make sure you have the insurances which protect you from breakage problems.

Make a list of professional removal firms – whether in your departure and host country – that are used to provide that kind of service. Contact them to get a quote request with all the services included and the price and ask them how they handle the transport of fragile items. Some of them will help you with a "to-do list" containing any administrative formality and when you have to fulfil them.

Information published on the 2nd of May 2022 on the webpage Brussels Expats / Removals services.

More information about removal companies in Brussels

What removal services can you expect in Brussels?

When you are planning to move from your current home to another, you have to prepare every step carefully. Fortunately, the experts of the various removal companies listed above are ready to make you benefit from their experience even before the date of your departure. They often offer many servuces linked to the removal, the transport and the settlement of your belongings in a new place. The goal is to provide an all-inclusive service to all their customers, so that they are entirely satisfied by the quality provided. Discover here the kind of services you can expect:

  • relocations: complete service to help you during your relocation from one country to another; it may include the search for a new place, assistance for the lease contract, and so on.
  • packing & unpacking: all your goods and pieces of furniture can be packed and unpacked by experienced removers.
  • loading & unloading: the removers will carefully load all your goods in a removal van and arrange them in your new home.
  • moving: it is the most usual service offered, the moving van will transport all your stuff to your new place.
  • furniture storage: you can benefit the storage of your belongings during one week until several years.
  • operating a lift, so that you don't have to use stairs or the elevator; it is essential for all the people who move in an apartment or have more than a floor.
  • reassemble your pieces of furniture; therefore, you can use them and tidy up everything as soon as you have moved in.

Every moving company offers the removal from a place to another, as well as the re-assembling of furniture. Nevertheless, some people don't have the time or the sense of organisation to fulfil every task. Indeed, if you need help, do not hesitate to take advantage of their comprehensive package: you'll receive the help of experienced men that can organise and use properly the different tools such as the van, the lift and so on. Moreover, all your valuable and fragile items can be moved with caution thanks to special packing. If you are moving out for the first time, it may be useful to ask your provider if he has some pieces of advice for you. Quite often, they dress a list including all the steps you have to follow and when to fulfil them. Do not forget to contact the company at least three months in advance if you want to ensure you can book the day that suits you the best. At the same date, you'd better have to warn your lessor that you leave the apartment in case there is any notice period. From there, you have a few months to carry out any repairs needed.

Then, the company provide you a list with valuable tips: when to inform your electricity supplier, your internet provider, your insurance companies, what to pack at the very end, the documents you will need on hand, etc. Finally, they have some pieces of advice for the day before (switch off all electrical devices and the heating) and how to prepare for the moving day.

When you move out, it is often time for a big sort out. You have kept so many things you don't use or don't even know you still have. If you don't want to keep everything, you can give away clothes, books and even household devices to charities in your surroundings. If you have damaged pieces of furniture, you'd better have to contact the bulky waste service or check the day you can just leave them outside your door.

Make your removal easier in Brussels

Whether you chose to move in a house or in an apartment, you will probably need a lift in order to drop your furniture and heavy goods on the right floor without using the stairs or the elevator. This is an operation that would otherwise result difficult for you and also that might damage your stairwell.

Nevertheless, in big cities, and especially in Brussels, the traffic is quite dense. That is the reason why your removal company will advise you to call a lift services company. Those experts will book a place to park just in front of your new home so that you will not be disturbed by cars as long as your removal lasts.

Be organised

Most of the time, when you are beginning to pack your belongings, you suddenly realise you own many more things than you thought you had. In order not to be overwhelmed, it is important to be organised. There is a precise order in which you have to plan a removal. First things first, have a look at your pieces of furniture, your clothes, decorative items, and so on. Are they still in good condition? Do you really need it? Will it match your new home? At this point, you sort out your stuff and give, sell or throw away everything that is not absolutely necessary. When you begin packing things, put heavy objects in small boxes, so that it will be easier to move and it will prevent tearing. Finally, if you pack all your cables together, do not hesitate to use colours in order to identify the matching device.

Other removal companies in the Brussels area

If you want to request additional quotes, please contact the companies listed below.

Dockx Movers - Brussels : Thanks to many years of experience in the transport of properties, Dockx Movers provides you a customised service. Qualified employees manage the whole process, it implies the packing of fragile objects, the reassembly of your furniture… This company ship your goods all over Europe. Tel : 03/827 30 30.

Ziegler Relocation - Laeken: This company offers customised international moving services, relocation support and flexible solutions to address specific requirements. In cas of need, these experts also let a warehouse in Zaventem, next to the airport, at your disposal. You're ensured of a high quality service level. Tel: 02/475 45 44.

Urban Move – Zaventem: This accredited moving company manages the transport of your properties all over the world shipped by truck, boat or plane. Take advantage of a grouped transport to reduce the costs. The staff will also help you unpack your effects and assembling your furniture. Free quote. Tel: 0470/07 77 57.

Putters - Brussels: Do you plan the move out within a few months? Whether you come from another country or live just a few miles away from your new home, this international moving company is there for you. Indeed, Putters provides a full service in every part of Brussels. The experienced employees will transport with care your pieces of furniture and other belongings. Tel: 02/721 40 40.