Luxurious boutiques for ladies



This boutique for women located in Ixelles has a large collection of clothes from the latest fashion trends.

Discover colourful and original collections for every season.

Go and visit the shop to have a look at the new items and find your new style.

Tel: 02 / 538 50 38

GUCCI - Brussels

GUCCI - Brussels

No need to introduce one of the greatest fashion brands in the world: Gucci produces handbags, jackets, dresses and even jewels and perfume.

- high-end clothes and items
- new collections all year
- a professionnal service and advice in every boutique

This luxury shop in the heart of Brussels welcomes women who want a unique style.

Tel: 02 / 511 11 82

NO CONCEPT – Brussels

NO CONCEPT – Brussels

Created 13 years ago, those multi-brand boutiques in Brussels have a strong fashion identity.

You can find there plenty of trendy clothes collections for women but also fashion brands accessories.

Thanks to its excellent service, No Concept gives priority to the comfort and the satisfaction of its customers.

Tel : 02 / 522 27 57

ESSENTIEL - 1050 Brussels

ESSENTIEL - 1050 Brussels
Find on the Avenue Louise of Brussels one of the famous boutique Essentiel. Come see the wide collection of clothes and accessories (bags, shoes…) for women.
Tel: 02 / 513 18 91

SARAH PACINI's women shop

SARAH PACINI's women shop
Discover the whole lookbook of Sarah Pacini and find the perfect outfit for you in one of its shops in Brussels. You will be seduced by the classy clothes for women available.
Tel : 02 /421 77 30

More information about shopping for women in Brussels

Whether you are visiting the city and you don't want to come back with your empty suitcases or you live here and you want to avoid crowds in the shopping malls, we have selected for you several boutiques. These little local shops present you luxurious clothes and accessories so that you can wear unique items and create your very own look.

If you are not really up to the fashion vocabulary, here are some words that describe the feminine style:

  • casual : it is a simple day-to-day way of clothing, more comfortable than stylish;
  • chic : it is trendy and strict way to wear clothes, often used for office or special events. It often involves tailored dresses and/or jackets;
  • vintage : quite trendy since a few years, it takes its inspiration from past styles (usually beginning with the 20s until the 80s);
  • artsy may appeal to younger women who want to dress with an original touch, such as a colourful shirt or a printed bag, etc.

How to match colours?

If you are not into fashion, you may face some difficulties when choosing your clothes in a shop. Will this pink jacket match any of your pair of pants? Is this patterned shirt not too much? Do not worry, extravagant clothes can really spice up an outfit, if used with parcimony.

In general, black and white pair easily with any strong piece. Other light colors, such as beige, or neutral ones, like navy and grey, also work pretty well. If you have any doubt, always remember to use different shades of the same colour.

If you are looking for a way to add some personnality to your classic look, a strong and contrasting match is always a good idea. Choose complementary colours like green and red, purple and yellow or blue and orange. If the look seems too extravagant for your casual style, soft combinations are also a possibility: same colours but different tones, pastel colours or prints.

More shops for women in the city

As other capitals in Europe, Brussels is also a city where you can find many casual and luxury fashion shops. There are items for every budget and every style. Discover it in our selection.

ICON SHOP - Brussels: This store located in Brussels sells fashion brands : Isabel Marant, Paul & Joe, Humanoid... Make your choice between all these design models. You also have the possibility to ask some advice to the employees of Icon Shop. Tel: 02 / 502 71 51.

BOUVY - Saint-Gilles: This fashion store offers items from many well-known brands. Check out their collections of clothes and accessories for women, which include shoes and jewelry, released during each new season. You will find the goods that match you personal style in their great catalogue. Tel : 02 / 513 63 91.

TIFFANY & CO : This prestigious New-York House Tiffany &Co. is now located in Brussels too. Take a look at their beautiful watches, jewels and accessories. Tel : 02 / 501 66 33.