Discover the best sports clubs in Brussels

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : sport in green settings

In the heart of Woluwe, Aspria Royal La Rasante offers a range of sport and fitness activities for the whole family.

- group classes (body sculpt, stretching, aero dance…)
- custom fitness programs and qualified instructors
- 7 tennis courts (adults’ and children’s classes)
- 2 swimming pools
- sport camps for children
- nursery 

STADIUM ELLE - Molenbeek

girls working out in a squat position
This fitness club offers fitness facilities as well as many group lessons and group sports (squash, badminton…).

With 3 centres in Brussels (Molenbeek and Schaerbeek), go when and where you find it easier and maintain an active lifestyle. Also enjoy their personal coaching.

One of Molenbeek's club is for women only for a safe environment. 

Tel: 02 / 414 40 41

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : sport in the heart of Brussels

A real haven of peace, Aspria Avenue Louise offers custom supervision by highly qualified fitness instructors.

- state-of-the-art fitness equipment
- group classes (step, spinning, zumba…)
- personalized fitness programs
- personal trainers
- adults-only club

Get in shape in high end fitness facilities.

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : fitness and sport in the European quarter

In the heart of the European quarter, 140 group classes are available in sophisticated facilities: step, boxing, pilates, yoga, spinning, zumba, body pump...

- ultra modern fitness facilities for cardio and
  muscle-building workouts
- a wonderful spa with pool, hammam, sauna…

This lovely and trendy place allows international communities to get in shape and to meet each other.

Do you own a sports club in Brussel ?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussel area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

Some tips to go to your sports club more often

It is not a secret: if you exercise on a regular basis and follow a safe training that suits your body condition, you should feel energised and prevent some health issues such as insomnia, anxiety and cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, it can be hard to stick to your routine when you want to see your friends and family, have time for your hobbies and work or study at the same time. Here are some tips to keep your motivation in the long run:

  • Plan your workouts! Choose a day of the week that you will dedicate to your gym sessions. It will set sports as a priority in your schedule. This way, you won't forget your workout clothes at home or plan a reunion or a date on that day.
  • Follow clear goals and be progressive in your routine! Trying to do hundred crunches, running 3 miles, lifting 45 lbs... Going step by step to reach the level you want to achieve will keep you motivated in on the long term. Of course, set realistic goals. If not, you won't see the results and feel easily discouraged.
  • Stay active on a regular basis! You don't have to do a one-hour session every day to see the results. Walk up the stairs, bike to work, walk to the grocery store when you only need a few items, try not to sit still more than one hour and so on.
  • Find a club nearby! If you don't want to lose all your motivation, it may be a good idea to find a gym on your way home, whether it is near your workplace or the place where you live, so that you don't feel like going to your club is already an effort.
  • Do not compare with other people: going to the gym can be hard for our self-esteem. But you have to remember that other people may be working out for a long time and that they may have struggled a lot to reach that level. Moreover, everyone has a different metabolism, which can play a big role in what you can do and how you look.
  • Go with a friend: if you fear to lose your motivation or you are intimidated to go alone, find a friend or a sports partner with whom you can go. Nevertheless, be careful to find someone who is really keen to have a routine and won't give up easily.

Information published on the page Brussels Expats / Fitness & Sports clubs.

Extra Information

To boost your physical and mental well-being, you should consider frequent physical activity. You'll enjoy a number of benefits on your mood and memory, and it should even help you sleep and concentrate better. If exercising outside doesn't motivate you in view of the sometimes fickle weather, a sport club can be a great alternative!

You will find here a selection of some of the best sports clubs in Brussels. All of them offer customised fitness programs and all the high-end equipment you need to give the best out of you as well as a huge number of facilities (of course, shower and dressing rooms, but also pool, sauna, hot tubs...). Some of these fitness centres even have their own wellness department with different kind of treatments: peeling, massage, beauty cares, and so on.

The main interest of a subscription in one of those sports clubs is to participate in group classes (whether it is body-sculpting or dancing lessons) and get the assistance of a coach when you are using sports machines in the fitness area. You may even ask them if they can design a special program if you want to achieve some goals: intensity of the workouts, time to train, duration of each session, and so on.

The difference between cardio and bodybuilding

Whether you want to lose weight, have better breath or build muscles, cardio exercises are great to introduce in your weekly routine. The major advantage of this kind of workout is that it can consist in a whole series of exercises for all levels: from bike to run, from walk to swim or even dance or Cross-Fit. You just have to pay attention that you are not pushing too far too fast.

Know that even if you are trying to build big and strong muscles, cardio should be in your programs. It can consist in several series of quick reps on a bodybuilding machine or a quick run in the morning. It will help you to get rid of fat faster.

What kind of exercise should you add to your routine?

You wouldn't eat the same thing everyday, would you? Then, why would you do the same exact series of exercise every time you go to the gym? As often, variety is the key to a good lifestyle. There are four main group of activities that you should include into your workout routine.

  • Strength helps you to carry and wear heavy things, for example: you can improve your strength with lifting weights exercises, using material such as resistance bands or by swimming, but also with body weight workout such as Pilates;
  • Endurance is good for your heart, your lungs and your circulation: the pysical activities targetting endurance are running, biking, tennis, football, but also dancing and swimming
  • Balance prevent risks of falling: many activities contributes to a better balance, for example Pilates, yoga, workouts with gymballs... The important is to have a strong core and lower body.
  • Finally, flexibility prevent simple muscle and joints injuries: there is a whole variety of stretches to improve the mobility of your back and shoulders, hips, thighs and even ankles.

Other sports clubs in Brussels

Are you looking for a sports club in your area? If you live in Woluwe or near that municipality, please visit our partner's site: Sports Club Woluwe. We also have a selection of several gym centres in the neighbourhood hereunder.

BASIC FIT - Brussels: Located ideally in the center of Brussels, Basic Fit is the best fitness center to get in shape thanks to the numerous group classes and the full equipped fitness hall. Tel: 02/792 08 30.

CROSSFIT W950 - Etterbeek: Crossfit is accessible to everyone. This is the perfect place to work out in a nice atmosphere. You can find a lot of equipment in a very large and beautiful area. Book your trial or a training with a coach on their website. Chaussée de Wavre 950.

DAVID LLOYD CLUB - Brussels: This club offers upscale and modern equipment, a friendly staff and many group lessons. It's big enough that you don't have to wait. Train at your own rythme, alone or in group, by targeting your own goals. Tel : 02 / 379 32 00.

MOUNIER - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert: Step, zumba, tennis, squash, badminton, basketball, football, handball, hockey, volleyball : many activities are available in this fitness club located in Brussels. Tel : 02/762 85 22.