Swimming Pools in Brussels

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : 2 pools in a green area

Aspria Royal La Rasante club in Woluwe welcomes you and all your family with 2 pools as well as a spa with sauna and hammam.

There are swimming lessons for all ages, aqua classes, and a nursery for the little ones.

Not forgetting the fitness room, outdoor and indoor group classes and the kids activities.

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : a luxurious pool in the heart of Brussels

Right in the heart of the Louise quarter, this exclusive club for adults offers a spacious pool as well as group classes including aquagym, Hydro Pilates and snorkelling.

There is a spa with sauna and hammam, a relaxation room, an ultra-modern fitness room and many group classes, all set within prestigious surroundings.

Come and experience this truly exceptional club dedicated to a demanding clientele.

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : a 21 metre pool in the heart of Brussels

In the heart of the European quarter, Aspria Arts-Loi is a meeting place for expats.

This prestigious club offers:
- a 21 meter pool
- aqua classes
: aquafit, aquagym...
- a spa with hammam, jacuzzi and sauna

Dive into the pool and enjoy high end fitness and wellness facilities.


Stadium is a high-quality fitness centre with all the facilities you can dream of. As a member, you have access to swimming lessons and aqua-classes in a luxurious pool : 30 metres long and lends. You also have the opportunity to relax in the sauna.

Tel : 02 / 560 02 60

NEMO 33 - Brussels

NEMO 33 - Brussels

The deepest swimming pool in the world. It's the ideal place to go diving. There are also courses:
- aquagym, aquabike
- swimming for babies
Tel: 02 / 333 38 36


DAVID LLOYD - Brussels

DAVID LLOYD - Brussels
In the south of Brussels, the prestigious club David Lloyd has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a relax center (jacuzzi, sauna, hammam).
Tel: 02 / 379 32 00


Swimming Pool Longchamp, located in Uccle (1180 Brussels) is open every day for swimschool, mini club, for teens and adults.

Tel : 0472 / 49 57 60


This private pool welcomes beginners as well as confirmed swimmers. They hold special classes such as the "baby swimmers" for children of 3 months or aquagym classess open for elderly people and pregnant women. During the holidays, young people can follow intense training sessions.
Avenue d'Italie 5
Tel: 0473 86 92 98

ESPADON - Brussels

In this swimming pool you can relax or train for competitions. Swimming is the most complete sport activity. It tones your muscles and is a excellent cardiovascular fitness. You can also take lessons given by a professional coach.

More information about your swimming pools in Brussels

The benefits of swimming on your health

Whatever age you are, swimming is a sport that will have a positive influence on both your physical and mental wellbeing. The health benefits of regular swimming – that is to say a session of 30 minutes and three times a week, at least – are huge and important. It includes a lower blood pressure, the relief of chronic pain, less anxiety, but also a better mood in general and an easiness to sleep. Finally, it will also help you build strong and toned muscles or lose weight if that's your goal. That explains why it recommended as soon as you're a child (babies from the age of 6 months can swim) and until your old days.

Other practices

If going back and forth of the pool is not the type of exercise you like, you may want to try other kinds of sports. Check out the lessons given at your local swimming pool. It may include competitions such as water polo or synchronised swimming. More often, you will find aquagym classes and its multiple variations : with additional weights, with a bike and even dancing (in the case of aquazumba).