Swimming pool maintenance in Brussels


Maintaining your pool sparkling and clean should be part of a regular routine care.

However, it takes time and better be done in a particular way. In order to keep your pool clean and safe, contact Hydro Sud, a pool professional located in Brussels.

Services include : vacuum, cleaning of the filter, maintaining water level as well as the pH level, and supercholrinating the water.

Tel : 0805 / 20 05 20

NOBEL POOL - Zaventem

NOBEL POOL - Zaventem

Located in Brussels, Nobel Pool is a company specialised in constructing, renovating, and taking care of an indoor/outdoor swimming pool.
Tel : 02 / 721 35 25

EAU PURE - Schaerbeek

EAU PURE - Schaerbeek
Since 1972, this company build, transform and take care of swimming pools in Brussels. Maintenance contracts adapted to your needs are possible.
Tel : 02 / 736 90 81

AUTOMATE POOL - Leeuw-Saint-Pierre

This company is specialised in the construction of swimming pools and wellness facilities. If you need help to take care of these infrastructure, qualified employees remain at your disposal in order to respond to your inquiries such as cleaning, repairing or replacing some items.


Specialised in pool maintenance for 20 years, this firm is active in Brussels and throughout Belgium. This professional team works for public pools, wellness centres, hotels, fitness clubs, health centres, etc. Trust the staff's experience of Ets Lardinois and make sure that the results will satisfy you.

Do you own a company of pool maintenance in Brussels?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

How to protect the pool for winter?

Having one's own pool ready is a delightful and exciting things. Nevertheless, there are many things to think about in order to take care of it and make it last longer. So, if winter is coming, it will be time to prepare your pool for winter. You need to know that frost may damage your facilities. Moreover, this operation will help to prevent the growth of algae during the whole season. As soon as the temperature outside drops below 15°C, you should follow these few steps:
  • Clean the water by removing every dirt with the help of a basket;
  • Have a look at your equipment, that is to say the pump, the filter and the chlorinator if you have one because they will have to work during the cold months (but you will have to disconnect the heat pump);
  • Balance the water, that is to say from a chemical point of view with the help of a water-quality test;
  • Finally, cover the pool and keep cleaning it from time to time with your manual equipment.

Information published on the webpage Brussels Expats / Swimming pool maintenance.

More information about maintenance services

Many builders offer a maintenance service after the building of your own swimming pool. Nevertheless, it may take some time when their schedule is tight (notably, before summer). That is why we made a selection of companies specialised in maintenance only. You can benefit from a full service for your pool. These experts are in charge of the supply of automatic maintenance devices and treatments for the water, the building or the renovation of your own pool among many other things.

They will give you some helpful pieces of advice in order to take care of your infrastructure, notably during winter. Indeed, you may not think about it at first, but there are important steps to follow when this season comes. First of all, remove all the dirt with a net and brush the linings and bottom.Then, filter the water during one complete night and only after you can pour the special winter product. You will also have to protect your heat pump by disconnecting it from the water supply.

During the construction of your pool, the entrepreneurs will advise you to purchase some basic equipment that will help your pool last longer and your water stay clean. Do not forget to clean your pool edges to prevent the development of algae at the surface. Professional material involves devices you may not have such as a pool vacuum that will get rid of dirt, leaves and so on.

More companies in pool maintenance in Brussels

Find hereunder other firms that will take care of your pool.

POOL CARE ABECO - Brussels : Keeping your pool clean and handling any technical problem on time is key. The company Pool Care Abeco is specialised in building and renovating pools as well as skimming debris, vacuuming, brushing walls and tiles, cleaning the pool filter and checking the water level. Tel: 02/657 91 89.

PISCINES DEDAIN – Brussels : This company dedicated to swimming pool maintenance and construction has been active for more than 30 years. Whether you are a professional or an individual customer, qualified technicians use their expertise in the field in order to provide an ideal result. Tel: 071/88 50 95.