Travel agencies in Brussels

JOKER - Brussels

JOKER - Brussels
This travel agency located in the centre of Brussels provides you a wide range of travel styles :

- adventure tours
- cameras on tour
- citytrips for groups

You can also consider an independent trip to Africa, Asia, Europe, America or Oceania.

Tel : 02 / 502 19 37

BELVILLA - Brussels

logo travel agency belvilla
Make the most out of your next holidays thanks to a unique and authentic experience abroad. Every single detail is completed by Belvilla in order to provide you a full service and plan a nice journey among the locals.

AIRSTOP - Travel agency in Brussels

AIRSTOP - Travel agency in Brussels
Airstop offers cheap fares to destinations all over the world and is specialized in last-minutes deals. Enjoy a citytrip to cities such as Miami, Los Angeles and New York !

Tel : 070 / 23 31 88

JLM TRAVEL - Brussels

JLM TRAVEL - Brussels
Since 20 years, this travel agency in Brussels offers you city trips, cruises all aver the world...
Enjoy the best service and many destinations.
Tel : 02 / 375 84 81


Since more than 30 years, this travel agency helps you finding the holidays of your dreams. Islands, cruise... everything is possible. Aquatour Voyages will take care of the necessary steps and plan everything.

Do you own a travel agency in Brussels?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

The advantages of a travel agency

Do you remember the time when your parents used to seek help from a travel agent in order to organise their next vacation? With the development of the World Wide Web and platforms where you can compare the price of hotels, planes, a lot of us have decided to prepare our vacations on our own. This solution will help you to spare money. The problem is that you can also lose time, skip important things and be left without any solution when an unexpected event occurs. If you have doubts about the benefits that an experienced travel agency can bring to you, here are some examples:

  • The principal advantage is that you benefit from a protection. The agency has many contacts, so, if your hotel encounters a problem or if your flight is cancelled, your travel agent will find a solution.
  • In comparison with an online booking where you do not know how much it will cost before the last page, there are no hidden charges. The price already includes the services provided by the agents.
  • You will not have to compare the prices of several companies and find the formula that suits you the best, the travel agency will do everything for you.
  • Travel agents will design special tours for you. This is particularly interesting if your journey will only last a couple of days, or weeks. As they have a great knowledge of the country you are visiting, they will include the most exciting and interesting places for you to visit. Most of the times, you can either visit them by bus or on your own. Bear in mind that if you visit with other people, you could benefit from a discount.
  • It is easier to get all the information you are looking for since you have a real contact with someone while you have to send emails or call hotlines in case of problems.
  • Your travel agent will compile all the information in one file even if you decide to go for a trip in several parts of the country you are visiting. You will not have to think of anything but enjoy your holiday.
  • You can submit your wishes (travel by the sea, cruise, etc.) and your agent will do the best to fulfil them. Also, people travelling alone may wish to have company, meet other people, that is the reason why those societies often work with touristic groups that design group journeys.
Information published on the page Brussels Expats / Travel Agencies.

More information about your travel agency

If you are planning holidays soon and haven't booked anything yet, this is the right moment to contact your local travel agent. He will help you find the hotel or house for rent, the flight and even organise your on-site visits... in many locations of the world. Benefit from guarantees on your booking and from special offers all year long.

In case of need, because a problem may sometimes occur, your travel agency will help you find another solution or refund you. When you book alone, all the weight of the organisation is yours. Finding a last-minute plan B is stressing and exhausting. So if you want your holidays to be really recreative and relaxing, it begins with the first bookings and with the selection of a reliable agent.

From their experience, with the review of their clients and of tour guides with whom they are working, the travel agents can advise you on the kind of trip you could do: the time it may take, the prices... Some very famous touristic sites can be a bit disappointing or too expensive for what it has to offer, or the season is not the best to visit that part of the world, and so on. This is a much-needed help for nice holidays.

That is also time saving: you don't have to make comparisons between all the bookings (rooms, planes or cars...), you don't have to check what there is to see since, most of the time, the travel agent will give you all the information and offer you the choice between several activities (whether you're into sports, wandering or cultural visits). No need to buy several guides, you will be ready to go as soon as you leave the agency.

Do you often go on business trips to meet colleagues or potential clients and partners all across the globe? Some travel agencies have specific offers for professionals. The agents can help you find solutions that are cheaper to optimize the budget planning of your company and book rooms in hotels with all the facilities needed to pursue your activity when abroad (Wi-Fi, desks, reunion rooms...). They may even find places specifically design to welcome conferences or team building events.

Other agencies in your area

Discover in the selection below some other helpful travel advisors for your next travel:

CONNECTIONS: In its five agencies throughout the capital, this company offers a myriad of breathtaking tours and trips. Whether you dream of holidaying in New York, driving through Canada or discovering Vietnam, Connections has your every need covered : they can take care of your flight, hotel and car rental, and can help you take advantage of last minute deals. Tel: 02 / 550 01 00.

FAIRWAY - Etterbeek: Whether you want to go on a cruise, participate in a circuit in the ruins of Greece, stay in a luxuous hotel or even do sport in a ski resort, Fairway offers you plenty of travel arrangements so you don't have to worry about anything. Tel : 02 / 762 78 78.